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Do u have any ids of the scammed pokes? They can be found in recent trade notifications by opening the poke in a new tab, id is the last numbers in the url. By them, u can at least track the pokes' location. (As far as I saw, laoboy has no events on his acc)

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Thats's panzer fault he should be knowing dp code trading is risky he should have asked to show the code or to give some prove first,One day i too traded with tanishq he given wrong code i 10 event gone i shown prove to flamescape and his all ign banned he is banned from all vortex site's and i got my event back!!

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I'm surprised this panzer did not make this report themselves, but okay.


I suggest asking panzer to take a screenshot of the conversation that took place between laoboy and themselves. Make sure they show the agreement if this trade clearly.
That will help a lot in resolving the issue.

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Panzer-25 is @hhh123 and he doesn't have any partner.

And it's really strange that he didn't make a report himself.

And you know what's more strange? This guy (who made this report i.e. @Korian_yanster) is a newbie.

There is no proof.

Jorieo was a cheat basically. @eurstin , I was the first one who said that he was a botter and doing illegal stuff.

And how does this guy know about this whole scam thing? Also, why didn't hhh123 didn't post it himself? 

And just a few days later, I checked the ign : Panzer-25

And there were only unique legends and maybe 2 small events. Nothing else. 

Maybe, this all is just a pre-planned kid-ish trick or something.

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