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hhh123s Subscriber Youtube Giveaway ( Part 2 )

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Hello guys its time to get an Event giveaway on the run ! Lets get on with it!


  • Subscribe To my channel! link >>>>>>>https://youtu.be/q46KHL-0ZaA
  • If you already have subbed to me , sub me with your another email address other wise no entering
  • like the video and comment your ign on it
  • Giveaway ends tomorrow thursday
  • Ping me when posting something
  • When you have done all process i have mentioned above , then post your youtube name here on forums so i may know who you are!
  • 5 winners xD


  1. Shadow%20Pikachu%20(Christmas).giforMystic%20Diglett%20(Christmas).gif (Winner can decide)
  2. Dartrix.gifDark%20Genesect.gifDark%20Virizion.gif(Quarter Dark pack)
  3. Shadow%20Dialga.gifShadow%20Genesect.gifShadow%20Mew.gifShadow%20Lugia.gifShadow%20Jirachi.gifShadow%20Yveltal.gif  (Pack of 6 shadows) 
  4. Metallic%20Zekrom.gifMetallic%20Terrakion.gifMetallic%20Suicune.gif(Half Of Metallic pack)
  5. Dark%20Munchlax.gifShadow%20Eevee.gifMetallic%20Growlithe.gifMystic%20Bagon.gifShiny%20Krabby.gifSnivy.gifAnd finally a pack of random all type uniques!




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24 minutes ago, Die_hard said:

ign Hitesh8282

liked and subscribed from account Hitesh vaishnav

ty for giveaway.


28 minutes ago, KYNO said:

ign ken000

liked subscribed commented

i had subscribed using accounts 'Mool Chand' and 'Rekha'

liked from both accounts


33 minutes ago, Korian_yanster said:

Subscribed thnx!

IGN: whitewhite1


1 hour ago, Vibsrox said:

subscriber thx for the giveaway

ign vibs211



1 hour ago, Red_Viper said:

ign: Red_Viper

ok but who disliked my video?

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36 minutes ago, fodnbilal said:

All is done bro subscribed commented and liked as well thanks for the giveaway iam fodnbilal in YouTube 


Please wanna win

OK if luck goes with you

50 minutes ago, BLASTOISE ROCKS THE HEAT said:

Subscribed to your channel!!

Thanks very much


@hhh123 Doing good job!!

Well no problem! thanks!


56 minutes ago, Vishalrox2 said:

Ign Vishalrox

Great Video man!!! truly Goku's best kamehameha

Thanx for the Giveaway!!!!!


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On 06/09/2017 at 10:15 PM, hhh123 said:

OK if luck goes with you

Well no problem! thanks!



My youtube name is Chiradeep Biswas!! i subbed 

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1 hour ago, godlybob said:

IGN; godlybob

subbed with another act


14 hours ago, fodnbilal said:


thanks bilal my network (internet) was off yesterday because of not paid bills my father paid them today so im gonna be announcing results in an hour!

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