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Pokémon Vortex

Areas where Vortex can be improved

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There are quite a few things in the vortex which annoy us quite frequently. Here's a list of a few:

    1) On Battle any members page: 

            Immediately after entering the page, the cursor won't be present in the text box. You have to click on it first then start typing. [Would be better if we could directly type without clicking first]

            Pressing enter won't take you to the battle page. Instead you have to click Battle!. [Pressing enter is easier]

            Since it is quite small page... I recommend that it should be displayed as a modal box rather.   (A modal box is like a popup)

    2) Clicking back during making the offer: 

            You will be taken to an empty search page. And you have to select all the pokemon all over.

    3) Pagination at the end of the page: 

           You have to scroll to the end of the page to find those 1..2..3... If they were on top, it would have been better.

    4) Search engine(s):

           First of all: You have to provide the exact username to find the user. [Need not be exact right?]

           When you search for trades... half of them are from banned accounts. If banned accounts aren't gonna return, why keep them?

    5) Notifications:

            They need not cover the top of the page. They can be shown at a corner (like in Facebook).

            They are not real time. [They only show when the page is refreshed]

    6) Non Responsive:

            Well, the website doesn't look that great on mobiles.

    7) Trades: 

            You can offer only 20 pokemon per a pokemon.

            You can't offer a bunch of poks for a bunch of poks. Instead you have to offer them individually.

    8) Pokedex:

            We all would like something like a legend-dex, event-dex, donation-dex, search filters etc.

            It takes quite a lot of time to load the entire dex.

    9) Changing your team:

            You will have to change pages to change your team or to move pokemon. They could be on one page.

    10) Battling in gyms:

            You will have to navigate to the gym selection page every time you win. Like the sidequests, this task could have been easier.

    11) The "RETURN TO MAP" & "VIEW LARGER MAP SELECT" button:

            Most of you might not have noticed but there ARE these buttons in the map selection menu. [No one uses them so why keep them?]

    12) Web Caching:

            I consider this to be serious. When you refresh or navigate to pages, the entire layout reloads. This is a waste of data. Also this increases the load on the server, doesn't it?

            There is a API for caching for chrome. There is inbuilt caching function for many frameworks like Laravel and Angular 2.


NOTE: My point is to make this thread contain all the areas where the game can be improved. As a WebDev I know how difficult some tasks are. These can be looked after in v4 and subsequent versions.


Please notify me if you too have something that bothers you and think that it can be improved.


ADD: 13) Putting pokemon up for trade:

            TEverytime we put up a pokemon for trade, we are directed to another page. It would be more convenient if the pokemon jus disappeared from the list and we stay on the same page itself.

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