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Can you go into detail about how this is productive for me and more so the user?
So you battle the account Training 19 times in a row now it's on a feed of some sort that you did so for you to look at. Why do you need to know that?

That's a lot of data for me to be storing for something so menial and something I don't see people using. BUT, that's not to say I wouldn't do it, I'd just need some more convincing so if you could give me more insight into why you yourself and other players would want this then I would consider it.

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It's definitely something I haven't heard being suggested. I'll think about adding to this in case I can find some reasoning but about making it easier to battling trainer accounts:

-Just add the account as a friend and go to friends and choose it from there. 


It could be a decent idea if anyone thought of reasoning that would convince Patrick.

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