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Weekly Missions

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                                             Weekly Missions

Note: This has been inspired from Deoxys scavenger hunt and Asphalt 8


Rules of Participation:

  1. Every monday, one has to unlock the weekly events. If you do not unlock your weekly event, you won't be getting an extra event ticket.
  2. Upon unlocking, you will be given a set of tasks to complete
  3. When you complete all the tasks, you have to return to the event center to claim your prize


Rules of Prize Distribution:

  1. The First to claim the prize will be given randomly from Ultra rare and Off! level items with a 1% to get something from latter
  2. The next 10% will be awarded randomly from ultra rare to rare prizes.
  3. Next Hundred to five hundred will be awarded randomly from common to rare prizes.
  4. All other people who have completed the set will receive one or two and rarely three unique leggies.


 Rarity level: Common


Donation Pokemon,


Boxes of Mega stones

Boxes of random pokemon (could be a mix of legends and trash poks)

Master Ball.png






Rarity level: Rare


Latiosite.png Latiasite.png

Helix Fossil Dome Fossil Old Amber



Rarity level: Ultra Rare


Sets of pokemon (which have low population),

Cosmog(normals of course)

Exp Boost.png


Rarity Level: Off!


Event Ticket.png

Root Fossil Claw Fossil

Boxes of Helix Fossil Dome Fossil Old Amber

All those who complete the tasks will receive one or two and rarely three unique leggies.

There should also be a weekly events counter... which keeps count of number of weekly missions completed. (i.e., +1 if you complete all the tasks for a week).

These weekly events will also contribute to the points and hence the rank of the player.



Rules of Making the tasks:

  1. There will be at least 6 easy tasks
  2. There will be at least 4 medium tasks
  3. There will be at least 1 tough task


  • Catching given normal trash pokemon is an easy task
  • Catching given unique trash pokemon is a medium task
  • Catching a given normal trash pokemon of given level is a medium task
  • Defeating the Battle maison is a easy task.
  • Getting 100 wins in sidequests is an medium task
  • Catching a set of given trash pokemon is medium task
  • Evolving a latios or latios into mega form is a medium task
  • Catching a given fossil is tough task
  • Catching a given unique is tough task
  • Catching a given normal of given level is tough task


And so on... Plz notify me if you have other ideas too

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