Error unique pokemon not adding up

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I am not sure if this is a bug or an error, but the unique pokemon count just doesnt go up when i get a new unique pokemon. My ign is Super_GodVegeta and for some reason, my unique pokemon count has stayed 4412 for quite a long time. I have caught plenty of other uniques and also evolved a lotta pokemon since then, but it wouldn't go up. I tested the other info in there like wins and losses, total points, and exp and they all seem to work properly. Also everytime I get a unique through evolution and then try searchin around in the maps, all the pokemon that i had already caught are shown without that pokeball which means to say that i didnt catch it. When I log out and come back in, the map thing returns to normal but my unique count still remains the same. I wanted to know if my account is glitched or something like that and also hope for help from the squad of munchlax.

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