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A calling to the social media nuts

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With how busy things have been lately (event before the great wipe of '16) The admins and myself find little time to maintain our social media pages and seem to focus strongly on Facebook with a bit of love for Twitter here and there. Google+ Just gets 100% neglect - The last post on it was by me in 2014 which I only just noticed today.

Anyway, I don't like having them just left to gather dust so I thought why not reach out to the community and see if there's anyone who uses social media much and if they would be interested in helping us maintain a few of these pages.

We will still maintain Facebook ourselves but we are looking for people to help manage Google+ and Twitter.

If you're interested, feel free to drop me a message or reply to this topic answering the following:

1) How frequently to do use:

 - Twitter

 - Google+

2) What is your main speaking language?

3) Why would you want to help maintain one of these pages?

4) Have you maintained a large scale following page before? (Not important but would be nice)

The main roles of running these pages will be to answer the communities questions and forward the administration team their feedback. You will also be expected to follow our forums & Facebook very closely for news so you can repost it on Google+ and/or Twitter as soon as possible after.

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