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Account recovery from v3


Hi!, I am Kabeer of India proud to tell you how much I love Pokemon Vortex Versions. I have seen the development since V1 version back in 2006-2007 roughly. Well I have a request to put forth.
My pokemon vortex V3 account isn't accessible because I don't remember my username. I had a V2 account which got deleted due to upgrade. 
It's my humble request to please provide me with the lost username of Pokemon Vortex V3 only. 
So that I can access that same in the V4 version. 
This was the email used to create the V3 account.
Please help
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Hi, no one will be able to find your account if you don't know it yourself. That is information only you could possibly know, how would anyone else know your username?

I'm sorry but your search will return no results, you're just going to have to think long and hard about what your username was.

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