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Feedback Rarity and Levels of some Pokemon

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On Pokemon Location Guide page, it says Jangmo-o is common. I don't mean to be rude but that is so a lie. I spent a lot of time searching for jangmo-o . I did find one but I accidentally moved on. My bad luck. I think it was level 44 and that is just too much. Starter pokemon's rarity are way to low too. They don't appear as often as they used to. I did encounter a Froakie and catch it too but its level was 44. That is again too much. It would already be a Greninja with that level.Same with Jangmo-o, with level 44 , it would already be one level before evolving into Kommo-o. I do not like the fact that you made regular pokemon's level to the level they would already be or near to their final evolution. Also ,like those high leveled pokemon that you encounter rarely , that rarity being put onto regular pokemon  like jangmo-o.

My point is lower down the level of normal pkmn, ones you would be expecting train hard for its evolution like jangmo-o,starter pokemon etc.AND

Increase the encounter rate of those pokemon like Jangmo-o,starter pokemon etc. I so want it. Please pokemon vortex. Please

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ur lucky u even found a jangmo-o ive yet to even encounter one lol literally 6 hours and not one single jangmo-o has appeared not even a normal kind maybe its juat my account that cant encounter them lol i catch atleast 3-4 legends in 1 hour not always but how is it possible that i cant find one single jangmo-o thats whats bugging me hahaha cux thats the one pokemon i want to catch but no luck what so ever 

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U guys... Why u asking for V3 over and over again like this???

As for the wiki.... Don't go with it just yet... It still needs changes...

Why don't u sit,relax and think hard as to why v4 gave all that rarity and high level to a specific set of pokemon... If u don't get it, here's a hint: no pain, no gain....

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Yes, I agree with @Super_GodVegeta . The starters should be rare, as they are in the pokemon series too. And the wiki is just a new addition to vortex so maybe we should just help in contributing to it if we see a mistake.

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as of now as far as i know everything u encounter that has a lvl higher than 30 or so is a rare encounter.

(Munchlax, all the starters, larvitar, jangmo-o)

those pokemon can only be found in their 1st stage form most likely to still be able to fill the dex while also giving players a reason to not ignore them i guess.

the only to my attention coming rare encounter that "disobeys" that rule would be eevee.

with eevee and leafeon beeing encounterable on all the grass maps on land.vaporeon on all the water areas on the same grass maps (3,6&9) flareon in the fire maps, jolteon in the electric maps and glaceon on the ice maps.


although the normal rule for those pokemon u encounter evolved is to be higher than their preevolution. this rule does not count for any of the eons.


(not the eons as in latias latios. im aware they dont evolve :v. duh. i see u there certain person!)


then theres the legendarys which start from lv60-70 i believe? atleast higher than the rares. And before anyone asks why iam listing all this stuff.


no one would comment (with a normal logic atleast ;3. i see u there trolls.) to make legendarys more common. or ultra beasts. which are around lv 80 by the way. so going by the example of those ultra beasts.


they are encountered with a probability of less than 0.01 percent or so. the value was i believe 0.06 something actually. 

to make up for their difficulty somehow it was planned and more or less successful to keep them high in price. (seeing how they are like 2millions. yet unless you earned the beast/vortex ball yourself, you had the cost of said ball ranging from 1,100,000 to 1,500,000 approximately depending on ur luck. and if u want.. i have a screenshot of me purchasing one of those balls for 1,1million (that statement was more for those doubting everything xd.but thats okay.)


i see it as a sort of bonus. 

ultra beasts are high in value and level to make up for the effort to get one.


rare mons are medium high lvld to probs make up for the exact reason aswell yet easier t encointer and dont require special balls. making them somewhat cheaper. (unless we are talking about shiny charmander/froakie and their evolution that is -._-.) 


tbh. i think you should see this as a challenge. get one of those rare mons. make it the best you want it to be. and keep it in ur team. maybe even nickname it so everyone knows YOU were the one to get that baby of a rare pokemon xD.


best of luck with your hunt thou. If you want i could also try to help get you one if i see any. would cost u a cute eevee in return thou *-* xD sorry.

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