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Pokémon Vortex v4.1.x Changelog

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As promised, as of Pokémon Vortex v4, we will be getting smaller but more frequent updates rather than storing everything for one large update.

SO, here is the first update notes for v4.1.x - This update is expected to launch on December 7th 2017

What's new?

  • You can now "watch" auctions with a new watch list so you know how an auction went even after it ended
  • You can now refresh an auction you're actively viewing from the PokéBay navigation for ease of access
  • People who place in the top 100 of a season will have their best rank (over all time) displayed on their public and private profiles
  • Messages saved in your sent folder will now display if the recipient has read the message or not
  • You can now put a Pokémon up for auction as soon as you catch it from the end battle navigation
  • Promo codes in your inventory can now be redeemed in single clicks from within the inventory
  • "Quick bidding" has been added to auctions - Submit the bid entry empty and it will automatically bid the recommended amount

Bug Fixes

  • Relisting items from an unsold auction will no longer throw an error (Unless you no longer have the item)
  • Renaming a Pokémon that already has a nickname will no longer throw an error
  • The tooltip info of items on the bottom of the Pokémart list are no longer hidden behind the site footer
  • The Pokédex side tab will now display the correct number of duplicate Pokémon collected
  • Darumaka's evolution split has been fixed
  • Shadow Croagunk's backsprite has been corrected
  • Missing back sprites for Arceus (Fairy) have been added
  • Missing PokéBay image for Red Orb has been added
  • Many of the ajax menus have had their links adjusted so the whole button triggers the link rather than just the text
  • Multiple display & text fixes

Game Balances

  • Bidding on an auction now requires minimum increments based on the current price of the auction
  • Premium avatars now have a star identifier in auctions and inventory so you can tell them apart
  • Sandygast has been added to the grass maps in the sand/water section (Maps 3, 6, & 9)


  • The "duration" column when viewing auction lists has been removed from most places as showing the end date is sufficient enough
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