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Battles broken since update

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So ever since the recent update that fixed a few bugs, it broke battles a little bit.


Currently, while fighting the first pokemon in a team it will restart the battle in a bugged out page and return to normal once you begin fighting again.


Bugged out page: https://imgur.com/QemYBpT


This happens randomly during the first battle and resets the progress you make on the entire fight.


There is also a bug that has been in the game since V4's release which seems to have gotten worse with this update. That bug is that the attack selection will sometimes revert to your previous selection.

For example, on my first turn, if I select my 3rd move, it will revert to and use the first move (the previously selected move). While is is not as major of a bug it can lose battles in some situations.


I have tested this is the clan battles, AI controlled trainer battles, sidequests, gyms and special battles. These bugs both occur in all of those places.


For reference also, I am in chrome, Ad blocker off and was only able to test on the 'theta' server; I was not able to link to zeta or any of the other servers.


i have also just encountered this issue here: https://imgur.com/a/6yJVR

I was simply trying to catch a pokemon when this came up, i pressed it and it said I had lost the battle and returned me to the map.



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