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I think there should be some pokes whose sprite should be made and should become available in vortex . 


1.) Rayquaza Primal - since Ray is a part of weather trio,so I thought that like other two , It should also get its primal version in which it evolves through Green Orb.this will gibe boost up to primals as UBs and Rotom forms has reduced there popularity. 

2.) Vivillons - I think there should be New Vivillon forms having the design of country flags and should have their seperate pokedex. Since Vivillon trading is getting a little slow, It will help it.

It should also be made a DP only of 1$ so that large nom of people could afford it, and should be Specified to the persons country ( An american account cannot Get a vivillon othwr than of his own country) In this way to get all, they have to trade. And Making sprites wont take much time cuz only flags have to be pasted on the wings.

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