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Express training shop for rich Raskels!

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Hello Peeps!

I'm Scarface..
IGN ---> GhostlyPresence


I am going to be free for next 3-5 months, so i'm planning to make the best exp shop for those who can afford.

My Rates:



Quite Fancy but..it's an express service hence..:ph34r::^_^:



1. Normal DP ---->  15 Mill

2.Unique DP ---->  18-20Mill

3. Cosplays ----->  12-14Mill

4.Unique water/Complete----->  9-12Mill

5.Rotom forms ---->  350k


Current jobs :




Well, that's all to say!

If you can afford..then we are good to go! :D


 All forum rules apply!


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