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2x Arceus  Dark Suicune Dark DarkraiDark Yveltal2xDark Kyurem2xDark LugiaDark Giratina

Metallic SuicuneMetallic UxieMetallic RotomMetallic YveltalMetallic KyogreMetallic RegiceMetallic MespritMetallic Kyurem

Mystic ZekromMystic RegisteelMystic RegigigasMystic LugiaMystic CresseliaMystic Darkrown

Shadow DarkraiShadow Suicune


Shiny DarkraiShiny GiratinaShiny RegiceShiny LugiaShiny JirachiShiny CresseliaShiny ManaphyShiny CobalionShiny MewShiny Celebi2xShiny Kyurem



Interested in :

-Specific uniques




Things im looking for:


any  Pikachu (Christmas)any Pikachu (Jedi)  Zygarde (Complete) Kyurem (White)Kyurem (Black)

Metallic PichuDark PorygonDark PorygonShadow PorygonShadow Porygon

i also have pokemoney you can offer me price for these events.




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11 hours ago, Auke1993 said:

If you're not interested in unique Legendaries, could you please tell us what you are looking for?

i dont know like 10 unique leggies for pikamass etc. i also said feel free to offer anything


10 hours ago, Fxkyocouxh said:

Rotom (Spin)Promo For all unique alolans and Shiny Giratina

no thanks bro rotom is not that valuable

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