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Need Unique Arceus (ice)

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Types I need: Metallic, Mystic, Shadow, Dark


What i can offer:

Aggron(1 mil exp)x1

Shiny Suicunex1

Normal Guzzlordx1

Normal Arceus(Ice)x4

Dark Sandshrew(alolan)x6

Metallic Exeggutor(alolan)X2

Metallic Vulpix(alolan)x5

Shadow Sandshrew(alolan)x3

Shadow Vulpix(alolan)x6

Shiny Sandshrew(alolan)x3

Shiny Vulpix(alolan)x15

Normal Rotom(cut)x1

Normal Rotom(frost)x2

Normal Rotom(wash)x1

Normal Lugiax4

Normal Articunox2

Normal Dianciex2

Normal Type-Nullx1

I will also do EXP training and Friendship Training!


And various other pokemon. Basically if i have dupes i WILL trade pls help! IGN:Captainboom

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Added Type-Null
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