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got hacked...a year ago


my friend and i were changing our passward in school and it was successful but someone overheard our passward and changed it.

we didint know who it was but found out soon. it was a girl and she logged into our account and left for the toilet. so my friend quickly went over to the girls laptop and transferred all our pokemon to a different account but my friend accidently logged out. so we thought we got all our pokemon back... but 1 day later i looked at our account that the girl hacked and we forgot we put our shadow kyurum (white) up for trade. so how can i get it back? . the hacked account was Camoroy7x. someone please reply. oh i forgot it's been like a year now xD but still. help

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It sounds like you took a risk by allowing someone else to overhear your password.
If the result of this was that that person messed up your account, then there is unfortunately no way to undo it to my knowledge.
Please always be careful with your password, and do not tell it to anyone you don't trust.
If you must tell it to someone, make sure no-one can hear you speak or see where you wrote it down.

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