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Looking for:

Shadow Abomasnow

Shadow Abomasnow (Mega)

Shadow Abra

Shadow Absol (Mega)

Shadow Accelgor

Shadow Aegislash (Shield)

Shadow Aerodactyl (Mega)

Shadow Aggron

Shadow Aipom

Shadow Alakazam (Mega)

Shadow Alomomola

Shadow Altaria

Shadow Altaria (Mega)

Shadow Amaura

Shadow Ambipom

Shadow Amoonguss

Shadow Ampharos

Shadow Ampharos (Mega)

Shadow Anorith

Shadow Araquanid

Shadow Arbok

Shadow Arcanine

Shadow Archen

Shadow Archeops

Shadow Ariados

Shadow Armaldo

Shadow Aromatisse

Shadow Audino

Shadow Audino (Mega)

Shadow Aurorus

Shadow Avalugg

Shadow Axew

Shadow Azumarill

RATE: shadow pokemon 4 for unqiue legendary 1, shadow pokemon 150 for donation pokemon, or shadow pokemon 1 for unqiue pokemon and (Megas shadow pokemon mega for unqiue mega or unqiue legendary 5) IGN: JSF check trade

thanks you 

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