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Right so it's been awhile since I have traded and therefore my rates might be a bit off, so let me state that I'm pretty much open to offers, and almost exclusively interested in Deoxys (Defense)/Donation Pokes/EXP for my events, Legends/uniques I'm fine with parting ways for pokedollars. Also if you get here early enough, you'll notice that this thread looks like trash because it's been awhile since I have posted, just give me time to organize it. Feel free to message me in game as well, or look through my account for specific uniques as I won't be listing them. IGN: Optic Yolo




Arceus (Ice)Arceus (Water)Dark Arceus (Water)Dark Caterpie (Christmas)Dark Caterpie (Christmas)Dark Pikachu (Christmas)Dark Pikachu (Christmas)Mystic Caterpie (Christmas)Mystic Diglett (Christmas)Mystic Pikachu (Christmas)Pikachu (Christmas)Pikachu (Christmas)Rotom (Halloween)Shadow Diglett (Christmas)Shadow Diglett (Christmas)Shiny Caterpie (Christmas)Shiny Diglett (Christmas)Zygarde (Cell)Metallic Pikachu (Libre)Rotom (Pokedex)Shiny Pikachu (Belle)Shiny Pikachu (Christmas)Togepi (Halloween)Togepi (Halloween)




ArceusCelebiDark ArticunoDark DarkraiDark GenesectDark GroudonDark KyuremDark LugiaDark MespritDark ReshiramDark Shaymin (Sky)Dark VirizionDark Xerneas (Active)Dark YveltalDark YveltalDark ZekromDarkraiDeoxysDeoxysDeoxysDialgaDiancieGenesectGenesectGenesectGiratinaGroudonGroudonGroudonJirachiJirachiJirachiKyogreKyuremKyuremKyuremLandorusLandorusLandorusLandorusLatiasLatiosMetallic ArceusMetallic GiratinaMetallic HeatranMetallic KyuremMetallic PalkiaMetallic ThundurusMetallic ZekromMetallic ZekromMetallic ZekromMewtwoMystic DialgaMystic DialgaMystic DiancieMystic GenesectMystic Ho-ohMystic JirachiMystic JirachiMystic KeldeoMystic KyuremMystic LugiaMystic MoltresMystic RaikouMystic RayquazaMystic RegigigasMystic VictiniPalkiaRayquazaRegigigasRegigigasRegirockRegisteelRegisteelRegisteelReshiramReshiramReshiramReshiramRotomShadow DarkrownShadow GroudonShadow KyogreShadow KyuremShadow RegigigasShadow RegirockShadow TerrakionShadow VirizionShadow VirizionShadow YveltalShadow ZekromShiny CelebiShiny DeoxysShiny DarkrownShiny GroudonShiny JirachiShiny KeldeoShiny KyuremShiny LugiaShiny MewtwoShiny MoltresShiny RayquazaShiny ReshiramShiny Shaymin (Sky)Shiny ThundurusShiny Type-NullShiny ZapdosShiny ZekromTerrakionTerrakionTerrakionThundurusXerneas (Active)YveltalYveltalYveltalZapdosZekromZekromZekromZygardeZygardeZygarde



I probably have more stuff to add, which I will do slowly. I will also be randomly auctioning various legends because the cool new auctions. 

Edited by OpticYolo
Removed Kyurem (Black) set, as it was traded.
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13 hours ago, eespoor said:

What If I changed the DP? I could do Shiny Arceus (Fairy) instead xD 


Ooh let me think on that for a little bit please


12 hours ago, himanshu24092002 said:

@OpticYolo Arceus (Water)and Dark Arceus (Water)for myMystic Arceus (Fairy)?

I'll have to pass man


4 hours ago, Neor said:

heya bro i have Arceus (Ice)Rotom (Halloween)+Rotom (Frost)+Solgaleo

i want Dark Arceus (Water)or unique kyurem formes and shiny pika belle or meta libre


No thank you


1 hour ago, hamza77 said:

What is your ingame id
i am interested in your shiny rayquaza and arceus water 


IGN: OpticYolo

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