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Exclusive Pokemon


Does anyone know which 3 pokemon you could find once you are top 100 on seasonal rankings? 

Do you get promo codes or do you have to search for them on the maps?

I feel like one of them is Xerneas (neutral) because at the bottom of the map it says (Username) has claimed one. 

So do you get them as soon as you are top 100? Kinda confused because I looked at the pokedex and it seems like there are only 137 normal ones. 

So how exactly do you get these exclusive pokemon? 

Thanks :))

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There are no exclusive Pokemon for simply being on the leaderboard. You need to have placed in the top 100 at the end of a season and you will receive a random form of Porygon:

Porygon (Shield)Porygon (Hammer)Porygon (Sword)

The top 5 will get a special variant out of Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Metallic or Shadow.

The other 95 will get Normal.


Xerneas (Neutral) is a possible prize from the Kalos Sidequests.

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