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Sableye - Fling Vs. Punishment.


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There's some backstory to this. Punishment originally did in fact have a power of 200 along with a few other moves (Self-Destruct, Reversal, Trump Card, and Explosion which was 250), but this made the game a little too easy so all of these moves were nerfed to have 120 power. Unfortunately, the 200+ power is still displayed for these moves, but they are 120 power. 


Originally, you could one-shot even Shiny/Metallic/Level 120 Pokemon with no Dark resistances using Punishment with a Dark-type, so this was pretty overpowered. Explosion was even worse and did 417 base damage without same-type attack bonus, with the Dark uniques it did 520. 


The closest thing to these moves now are V-Create and Prismatic Laser. 


V-Create is a Fire move with 180 Power and 90% accuracy that is only available to Rayquazas (Mega) and Victinis that were around before their respective movesets were changed to omit it. You can still acquire either with V-Create through auctions or trades where V-Create will come standard on certain Victinis. Victini's is much more powerful than Rayquaza (Mega)'s due to same-type attack bonus meaning it will do 450 base damage and 562 on a Dark unique. Being able to miss is a bit of a drawback, but it's certainly worth it when considering you still get an average of 162 power, unlike Guillotine, Horn Drill, Fissure and Sheer Cold which all have an actual power of 300 but only 30% accuracy for an average of 90 power. 


Prismatic Laser is a Psychic move with 160 power available only to Necrozma on which it comes standard. Since Necrozma is Psychic, it always gets same-type attack bonus, which makes Prismatic Laser do exactly 400 base damage and 500 with Dark Necrozma. Unfortunately, Necrozma is classed as an Ultra Beast and is only available on one map, making it the hardest Pokemon in the game to catch, especially as a unique. Unlike V-Create, Prismatic Laser is 100% accurate, making it significantly better for training. 

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20 hours ago, Auke1993 said:

I can confirm this is the case.
With my Dark Sableye (Mega) it was 406 (Fling) vs. 375 (Punishment) damage.

Yes. Same. Hope admins take this under consideration.

20 hours ago, Eeveelutions8 said:

have you tried both attacks on the same pokemon? it might have been because of the pokemon type if it was different. Or you may have had a critical hit with fling.

Same pokemon. It is not critical hit.

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