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All of these prices are based on what I think their prices are. If you have any advice or you think that something is wrong, feel free to comment below!




CosmogCosmog- 400,000-500,000


Arceus (Ice)Arceus (Ice)- 2,000,000- 3,000,000

Diglett (Christmas)Digmas- 3,000,000- 3,500,000

Shadow CharizardUnique Non Legendary- 25,000-30,000

KeldeoLegendary- 25,000-200,000

Shiny Tapu FiniRare Unique Legendary- 500,000-1,000,000

Mystic GenesectCommon Unique Legendary- 30,000-100,000

Shiny Giratina (Origin)Donation Pokemon- 22,000,000- 25,000,000

Shiny GreninjaUnique Starters- 50,000-1,000,000

InfernapeStarter- 25,000

PikachuCommon Pokemon- The World Will Never Know





:MasterBall:Masterball- 30,000

:o_o:Mystery Box- 2,000,000

:^_^:Red Orb- 5,000,000

:=|:Blue Orb- 5,000,000

:<3_<3:Mega Stone- 15,000- 300,000

:JawFossil:Fossil- ???- 12,00,000





Cubone (Vader)Common Events: 6-10 Unique Legendaries

Metallic Dugtrio (Christmas)Uncommon Events: 12- 15 Unique Legendaries

Shiny Arceus (Electric)Rare Events: Other Events

Shiny Mewtwo (Armor)Donation Pokemon: Another Donation Pokemon

Shiny Groudon (Primal)Rare Unique Legendary: 4-8 Unique Legendaries

Mystic MespritCommon Unique Legendary: 1-2 Unique Legendaries or 15 Unique Non Legendaries

Type-NullLegendary: 1-2 Legendaries or 5-8 Unique Non Legendaries

BulbasaurStarter: Another Starter or 3-4 Unique Non Legendaries

OddishCommon Pokemon: 1-2 Common Pokemon

Shout Out


Discord: Adi

Ign: Culboi


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Just letting people know that "rates" are all based on each user and are different. They are not set in stone. One person may value something more than another.

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I'm fully aware of that. I'm just posting for other people to know as some might get confused that think you are setting prices, then when they feel like they were ripped off, someone might try to come along and say "Well Red_Viper post said this! So I was scammed."

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These prices make no sense bro, when a normal people will sell a Xmass Pika for 1,000.000 ? 

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lowest was 25k but common pokemon dont even sell the perfect answer to this question!

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