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Heavy lag/Chat bar

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The past week I've found the game significantly slower and can't help but think it has to do with the return of the chat bar. It can be hidden now, but it still lags the game heavily by its existence. Perhaps there could be something in the options to toggle it off? It seems completely unnecessary given the PM system and Discord.


Anyone else experiencing heavily increased lag of late? 

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Doesn't seem to have slowed down at all that I've seen since I put it back.
(By the way, it's used for notifications mainly, not chat although the private chat is very popular unlike the global rooms)
I may remove the global rooms since they aren't really necessary (because of Discord) or used much.

You can already toggle the chat off by pressing the arrow all the way on the right of the bar. Adding a second option would make no difference at all.


Also this isn't a bug, could you post things like this in the feedback section next time please. Thank you.


Moved to feedback sub-forum.

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