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High EXP/Unique Legendaries UFT

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I am ONLY collecting Unique Legendaries and some Star Wars Pokemon.

Whoever can offer the most Unique legendaries will win. The more legendaries the better.


IGN = silentnige


High Exp Pokemon UFT


  • Normal Caterpie (Christmas) 7 Million Exp
  • Mystic Arceus (Electric) 3M+
  • Metallic Charizard (Mega X) 2M
  • Shiny Kyrem 1.5M
  • Metallic Metagross (Mega) 500k
  • Mystic Reshiram with 500k


Unique Legendaries UFT


  • Dark Arceus
  • Dark Deoxys
  • Dark Ho-oh
  • Dark Keldeo
  • Dark Kyogre
  • Dark Kyurem
  • Dark Manaphy
  • Dark Palkia
  • Dark Registeel
  • Dark Suicune
  • Dark  Terrakion
  • Dark Thundurus
  • Dark Virizion
  • Metallic Celebi
  • Metallic  Jirachi
  • Metallic Lugia
  • Metallic Mew
  • Metallic Raikou
  • Metallic Regigigas
  • Metallic Regirock
  • Metallic Reshiram
  • Metallic Rotom (Heat)
  • Metallic Suicune
  • Metallic Yveltal
  • Metallic Zekrom
  • Mystic Banette (Mega)
  • Mystic Cresselia
  • Mystic Diancie
  • Mystic Golisopod
  • Mystic Hawlucha
  • Mystic Mew
  • Mystic Reshiram
  • Mystic Shaymin
  • Shadow Arceus
  • Shadow Deoxys
  • Shadow Groudon
  • Shadow Kyogre
  • Shadow Mew
  • Shadow Regigigas
  • Shadow Regirock
  • Shadow Registeel
  • Shadow Reshiram
  • Shadow Rotom
  • Shadow Shaymin
  • Shadow Shaymin (Sky)
  • Shadow Suicune
  • Shadow Thundurus
  • Shadow Tornadus
  • Shiny Arceus
  • Shiny Celebi
  • Shiny Deoxys
  • Shiny Kyurem
  • Shiny Rotom (Heat)
  • Shiny Suicune
  • Shiny Uxie






Training EXP


I will train any pokemon 300k per unique legendary that I do not already have. I only take 1 / 2 jobs at a time to make sure I can finish EXP training as fast as possible.










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