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Trading my Pokemons for exp.

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I am trading these pokemons on the list, I want experience = 17M exp minimum, I will also consider accepting events, or events + exp , or pokemoney (costs 25% more in money).  Normal Donations are worth 20%less.

I will decline the exp if i suspect it is not legit. 


5a0733694569b_ShadowMewtwo(Armor).gif.d1d9a80100b0d88f7792a8bf1c5407f5.gif 5a0737af34a90_Hoopa(Unbound).gif.793516e214e5d717b81cd548e4e5e06c.gif  5a0725063f9f0_Arceus(Fairy).gif.5a475b89ba75dd4b8d41c7ef326bb52a.gif5a0725063f9f0_Arceus(Fairy).gif.5a475b89ba75dd4b8d41c7ef326bb52a.gif5a072d922f176_MysticArceus(Fairy).gif.f0b519948db98dc86f60660c30149db1.gif5a072de2de172_ShadowArceus(Fairy).gif.b61f75cc4048b0d25738bd8f712ed506.gif5a0739c4e4ad9_Meloetta(Aria).gif.165b924ffa1a8aded3508129bcb6fd5f.gif5a0739c4e4ad9_Meloetta(Aria).gif.165b924ffa1a8aded3508129bcb6fd5f.gif5a073b6b12911_ShinyMeloetta(Aria).gif.aa6e58f14efc1547cf658c4571977093.gif5a073bf83b030_DarkMeloetta(Aria).gif.f530afcd321b6782b142b157e30f179c.gif5a073c4c52c9b_MysticMeloetta(Aria).gif.4e940c32dcb340712be244697d677d5e.gif5a073c78e026d_MetallicMeloetta(Aria).gif.a339634ba1a2ef745b0dc043b64369c4.gif5a073ca966b0f_ShadowMeloetta(Aria).gif.7dfe442386237338f6d398549fb6cac6.gif5a07301aea040_Mewtwo(Armor).gif.2706cfcca4cb52fa29c06e1f784a5b6f.gif

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6 hours ago, yogeshfederer said:

Bro I can offer a mew with 13mill exp and a shadow noivern with 2.8mill exp for shadow fairy or shadow aria or shiny aria

I would value the Mew at 200k exp cuz its normal so 13.2M  + 2.8 = 16M,

do you have 1M more?  or any pokemon valued at 1M?  

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1 hour ago, EchoCHALLENGE said:

Then why did you say this :P

Ahh tbh, you need to stfu, everything I say has to have a comment and it is ALWAYS you, do not worry what I say, if it is not your thread, "Do not say anything unless you want exp."

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