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Training rock type pokes?


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28 minutes ago, Lukemadgoped said:

Hey can anyone tell me how to level up quickly rock type pokemons

If you have a level 50 (or more) Rock type poke use TrainingKyurem, but if you have a low level Rock type poke for example... a lvl 9Rockruff... put a immune poke lvl 6 in your team like aAbsol. Then go to Battle any member (Computer controlled) and battle vs. TrainingDarkrai, using your Rockruff in the first battle and the Absol in all the other battles... your Rockruff will "dead" in the process ;( , but in the end it level up quickly.


Also, please create Topics in the correct section... this Topic belongs to "Ask questions" :/

@sportsandmusic69 Wrong section!

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