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EXP Training And Trading Shop UPDATED *

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          Welcome to PokeMasterBarrys 001

                                                             Training EXP Shop


                        This is a thread for training


Pokémon if you would like me to do a job                


either comment On here or pm ig ING-PokeMasterBarry enjoy your day And have a good one 


P.s if we do make a deal make a off on the unowns not the other Pokémon 


And for the first few 1 mil exp for 2.5 if that sounds like a good deal let me know and if not let me know what sounds like good offers



 All Unique ATM (300k-450k)

 All Regular ATM (200k-300k)

That is PER A POKÉMON on training 


For Trade




Genesectx2HeatranLugiax2 Rayquaza SuicuneTerrakionXerneas (Active)  Giratina

Mans maybe for Trade has to be a good deal Tapu LeleMew Shaymin (Sky)


Dark Moltres Dark Virizion


Mystic AzelfMystic Genesect Mystic Arceus


Metallic Landorus



Shadow Zekrom

Mans now I’ll be turning this in to a Hunting Shop so if you want me to do a job let me know down below 


Unique (500-600k)

Normal (300-400k)

and that’s per Pokemon 

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