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Now that wonder trade is under maintenance....I would like to suggest an idea I have wanted to share with you guys for a very long time...

So..remember the old gif for wonder trade back in v3?


Well I found it quite boring and dull..

So instead I suggest that it be replaced with the GIF for wonder trade in the Pokemon Console Games.

Now I dont have the actual thing but I was able to get a few pics..




It looks better creates ,a lot of suspense and would make wonder trading a lot more fun.

Do comment..


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  • Developer

You're missing the point of the original animation on v3.
What you want is the animation that shows the Pokémon being exchanged but in when you seen the animation on Vortex, this hasn't happened yet so what I was telling you with the original animation that that no one has even been found to trade with yet.

It's kind of impossible to show something that hasn't been determined yet...

I get your point but the logic is all wrong.

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