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i was having a hard time inserting the pictures so I went to Imgur and created a album.


From the time stamps you will see I was already interested in his shiny car. But the whole conversation he kept forcing me to bid "high" on it, so he wouldn't take a big loss.


We finally struck a deal in one of the pics with me saying " I'll bid 15(m) on it(shiny car) if u open(plume fossil) and sell me the shiny dark mystic for 25m. He then a goes on to agree making it a deal. The minute I place the bid he leaves for an hour, then he says he is not opening the fossil also meaning he is not selling me the Pokémon inside of it was shiny dark mystic. Which I have a picture of me placing the bid of 15m when bids were only 1m. Making him break our terms of service and scam. Terms of service being I place the 15m bid and he opens the fossils(regardless of what comes out) but if a shiny dark or mystic come out he would sell it to me for 25m.


From my perspective it was a win win, I was already going to snipe the shiny car. It by bidding high early, he would take a smaller loss. At the same time if he opened the plume fossil as he said he would, I would make a even greater profit.


After talking with Wa-g and Sportsandmusic69 I have decided to let you guys decide the outcome. Please let me know, greatly appreciated.

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Forgot to talk about the screenshot of me bidding
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