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Hello everyone this is me Eevee here and this is a contest I decided to host.

So to do this, you have to message me in discord chatroom. you can message me to enter. My discord tag is-


you can message me. When we are both online, we will have the contest. It will consist of 5 questions about pokemon which I will ask and you will get 20 seconds to answer them. Prizes are-

5/5 a legendary pokemon/ 100 lvl unique non leggy

3-4 A good pokemon lvl 50 around

2- unique non leggy

1- Sorry, but nothing

if you want you can enter in my chatroom- I just made it for fun.

link- https://discord.gg/Y9pauZF


waiting for messages:chat:


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just a suggestion..rather than having multipe small contests with newbie prizes why dont u have one contest with a good prize>?

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