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Universal Wonder Trade!

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As you all know, wonder trade is currently down for maintenance, so here, you can do it! You can put 1 or more pokemon for wonder trade here.

to do that, you have to post ur ign, the pokemon you want to trade, and the next number of the person behind you. 

To ensure that you get a good pokemon in return, here is what you have to do.

if its a dp/ub, then put D before ur number, like D1

 If it's a legendary, then you have to put L before your number. Eg- L1

if its a rare pokemon, then put R before it. like- R1

if it's a normal one, put N before it. like N1


If you have submitted, you have to send ur pokemon directly to the other user. If you want, you can send it to me, and then I'll send it to the other user.




I'll start-


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