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Bugged Clan Battle

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neelupeelu from the clan SuperStrikers is an unwinnable clan battle, as every time you're matched up against his first Pokemon the only option is to "Continue" which sends you back to the Pokemon selection screen, only to repeat the process indefinitely. This makes it impossible to proceed with clan battles. 


His roster in the battle is listed as Metallic Unown (Q), Unown (A), Froakie, Espurr, ?, and ?, but in reality the ? is in the front because that's what is fought first. When you look up neelupeelu in the Members tab his first Pokemon is a Klefki with 0 Exp. There's also a mysterious Cubone which does have Exp but still appears to be glitched and doesn't show up in battle. 







Hopefully there's a way to resolve this, as that question mark makes for a pretty terrifying fight. 

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