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Bugs in Forums ?!

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No only are bugs in game... There r a few bugs in Forums, too!!


1) I can not edit old posts, however I can edit recent/ new posts :|


2) I can not "react" (give likes, upvotes, sad reacts,...) when I'm using my phone. Idk if it's an issue of my phone or bcuz it's the "mobile version" of Forums.


3) 2 or 3 days ago I was watching my GiVeAwAy topic. I was on the page 2, then I went to page 1... immediately after that a message appears on the bottom of the page, saying that someone is replying me, so I clicked the message... it redirects me to the page 2, but nobody replied any of my posts. (In addition that Topic was already closed!!! O.o)

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1) That's intentional. You only have a set amount of time to edit your post.

2) Most likely your phone. I tried iOS and Android and it works fine.
3) That was likely a moderator replying then changed their mind, moderators and above can post in closed topics.

In addition to all this, please do not report forum bugs, the forums are a paid for software not developed by me so I have no control over bugs that may occur.

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