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Pokebay glitch

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In pokebay I bid on a latias mega avatar. I lost in that auction but still I didn't get my money back. I lost my 210k money :'(. I want it back, I was willing to bid on another auction of a legend but I was shocked when I saw my money gone. I wasn't also able to get the Legendary.

Q - I'm missing money, where is it?
A - When you bid on an auction and you are currently the highest bidder, your money is held by PokéBay until someone either outbids you or you win. This is in place so people cannot bid on and win auctions they cannot afford.

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Well, simply put, you did get your money back. Keep better track of how much you're making and spending because you're just mistaken.

The way bids and refunds work is if the person who outbids you goes through then you will be refunded. If your refund failed then their bid would fail too. Basically it all succeeds or it all fails.

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