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Hi I'm Milan and I play this game I guess.


Whenever I play vortex I strangely enough like collecting Avatars the most, but I feel like they're pretty useless the way they are now.

An idea I had for them was to "show them off" on your profile, in a similar way the badges work in here. Like a list/grid showing the ones you own.

Another small thing I had with them is that there's not really a way to "give" the avatars to your friends.

I wanted to give one to my friend because I had one of his favourite pokemon, but there isn't really a way besides putting them on the pokebay auctions. (or you know, I'm just really blind, that's a possibility too lol)


Anyways I hope I've given you guys some idea's/feedback for some uses with the avatars.

thanks for reading this, here are some mawiles for you: 303303303303303

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