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auction cancelation

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i started an auction this morning but i found a mistake in the starting price i set, basically im selling something ten times lesser than the value i wanted to sell it at. it would be nice to change that ,i dont want to sell it, if someone who can fix this is reading this please fix this , my guzzlord is at 350,000 right now my ign: maki

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I feel this is not a necessity.
There's a warning on PokéBay informing players that once an auction is started, it cannot be taken back.

Sure, a warning isn't everything. However, I feel that it's not a lot of work to check what you write as the price when making an auction. Especially with things that are worth a lot this is something that should be done.
Yes, mistakes with this can happen. I've done this myself as well. If this happens, we have to wait max 7 days (depending on your selection auction duration), and then place it again at the intended price.
That of course is assuming it doesn't sell, for example if it's put up for more than most people believe it's worth.

I have noticed that if there's a really low price for a valuable Pokémon, it ends up becoming a bid war between many people quite regularly, sometimes even surpassing the intended price. So it could still work out well.

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