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Critical-hit Ratio ???




2 (or 3) weeks ago, I fought vs Gym leader Claire of Johto region. I was training myShiny Arceus (Ice)(it was at lvl. 68, I think)... u know because ice-type is effective in dragon-type... I defeated almost all of their pokes without problem, except their lastDragonite... it attacked using 'Dragon Claw' first (it was a critical hit!) and then...it used 'Dragon Rush' (again it was a critical hit! :-_-:) ending with her Dragonite and my shiny Arceus (Ice) fainted. Then I used my shiny Arceus (Fairy) to battle against Claire'sKingdra... I won the battle (evidently). However, something's been on my mind ever since... the Dragonite's double(consecutive) critical attack/hit.:chat:


so, I just read this: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Critical_hit  (:@_@:)

But, I don't fully understand yet...


so my question is... What's the critical-hit ratio in Vortex?  Is it similar that in the main/original games??

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Critical Hit Ratios are ratio of critical hit to normal hit. It tells us that after how many normal hits U will get a critical hits. It does 150% damage and is different for different moves.

Thank You

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