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These are the following rules for the Jakkubros clan.

You must have AT LEAST 5 clan wins per season.

To request you MUST HAVE 1,000,000 exp.

You MUST BE online AT LEAST once a week.

If you want Co-Leader or Elite you must have A LOT of exp or clan wins.

Thank you for understanding.



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On Thu Mar 08 2018 at 11:03 AM, blazefiend said:

Hi I am a member of jakkubros. Can we start hosting in clan give aways. For instance the prizes could be:

1st place=event pokemon

2nd place=unique legend

3rd place=legend


This would encourage participation in clan battles.


Yaa all will start doing that until Pat starts an unique thing that means if any clan comes first they will receive that thing

Then all clan will aim for it and start competing and giving huge prizes for toppers in clan battles

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