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This guy called "candles" said stuff about me winning the monthly prize and that he would give me 15 legendary for 400 000. I stupidly believed him. He told me how to get lots of money and eventually asked me for my password so he can help me get money faster. For some reason I gave it to him. Eventually at like 4 in the morning he messaged me back saying that he had all my stuff and he started swearing. Please return all my stuff. I worked so hard for all that and I can't accept it being gone after all the time I had spent on them. I had an Infernape, Dark Greninja, Sceptile (Mega) (lvl 100), darkrown (lvl 100), Mystic Latias (Mega) (lvl 100), Groudon (lvl 100), Metallic Moltres (lvl 60), Regigigas (lvl ~64), three genesects (~lvl 60), electivire (lvl 100), heatran (lvl 65) and 400K. The rest he either traded or released.


Please help me get my stuff back


Scammer's Username: candles















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