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Hi guys , i wanted to say that ive been hacked by @carrliam761 , its not like hacking into account and get my pokes , this is different , okay so lets get started , he was my one of the most best and oldest friends , since i trusted him , i gave him my Shiny Rotom (Frost)Shiny Rotom (Cut)Shiny Rotom (Heat)Shiny Rotom (Wash)to train them for me , he said "okay , ill return after 2-3 days or so" he gave me Shiny Rotom (Frost)Shiny Rotom (Cut)back and never returned the other 2 , i messaged him like a million times to return them back please but he never listened and blocked me (i can show screen shots) i was worried that i lost my events and when i saw his account , i couldn't find my rotom forms , i got more sad , then i asked @WinnerOJD he helped me and told me that he was scammed too and he keep all of his scammed pokes in ign : Blue , when i saw Blue's profile , i found my both shiny rotom heat and wash with the same exp and the same OT , so guys please mods help me get those 2 back , i can show screenshots and can give proof to mods , thank you!

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30 minutes ago, sportsandmusic69 said:

Also side note. The proper term for your condition would be scammed, not hacked. But please listen to Flame.

bro i can't show you proof until you unban me from discord 


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