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A Bidoof Event (Idea)

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I think.. there should be an event related withBidoofo.O9_9

I don't know WHEN?!

... don't know WHY?!

... don't know HOW?!

... don't know WHAT I'm saying this??!!


May be a 'Bidoof Dig' (very similar of the 'Magikarp Splash') event or just a 'Bidoof Jump' in a forest...

or may b just a claim event of Bidoof related with 'Star Wars'....

or something like a 'Scavenger Hunt', in which only u need to catch Bidoofs.... and the Trainers who have captured the highest amount/quantity of Bidoofs (Normal and Uniques) in a week.... They will receive an Arceus Form such asArceus (Ghost)^_^

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On 5/4/2018 at 2:39 AM, fodnbilal said:

arceus ghost is comin on holloween

thats why patrick named his arc ghost "soon"



The main point of mah idea is to create an event related with Bidoof.. that's why I put "A Bidoof Event (Idea)" as a title of this Topic... Arceus (Ghost) is just an EXAMPLE of a reward -_-

Also @Patrick 'sArceus (Ghost)has existed since September 2017, so... Pat is like aSlowpoke (if u think that the Arceus (Ghost) event is comin SOON) ;)

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