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IGN: aristotales

Kyogre (primal): shiny, mystic, shadow
Groudon (primal): normal, shiny, dark, metallic, shadow

Giratina (origin): normal, dark, mystic, metallic

**Normal zygarde (partial)**

Dark Vulpix (Alolan)
Dark Sandshrew (Alolan)
Dark Pikipek

Metallic Diglett (alolan)
Metallic Meowth (alolan)
Metallic Pikipek
Metallic Rattata (alolan)
Metallic Sandshrew (alolan)
Metallic Vulpix (alolan)

**Mystic Eevee**
Mystic (alolans)
Mystic Landorus
Mystic Latios
**Mystic Squirtle**
**Mystic Tapu Lele**
Mystic Tornadus
Mystic Virizion
Mystic Yveltal

Shadow Cobalion
Shadow Cresselina
Shadow Dratini
Shadow (alolans)
**Shadow Groudon**
Shadow Jirachi
**Shadow Rayquaza**
**Shadow Squirtle**
**Shadow Wimpod**
Shadow Tyrogue
Shadow Zygarde

**Shiny Cyndaquil**
Shiny Vulpix (alolan)
******SHINY MAGIKARP*******

Edited by aristotales
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