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Bottled Exp...?


Hey all,

I, up until recently, had a close friend train exp legitimately and then gave me the pokes to sell/trade. I'm not naming names but I friend I used to sell to (who uses the forums) and he has now moved onto buying from another person with better rates. I have no problem with that but I feel the other person may be botting his exp. I warned the friend that botted exp will be reset/the poke will be removed. He didn't believe me and so I wanted some clarification that this is the case - that once exp botters are caught this will happen. I don't want the friend wasting money on pokes that are only going to be reset/removed once the trainer is caught (if he infact a botter).


Thanks Y'all!

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Although I haven't had it to any of my Pokémon (to my knowledge), I know the EXP reset does happen if it was botted.

If you know of any botters, please report them to Patrick, the owner of Pokémon Vortex.
It doesn't matter in what way they bot. If you notice someone doing it, please report it.

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