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Think I've found a botter

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Foaming. This dude adds millions of exp every day onto different pokes and yet never missed days and claims he's a one man show. This doesn't add up. Adding exp takes lots of effort and no-one can keep adding without stopping. This isn't this most alarming thing though. A month ago he made an account called Scrubs and on this account he managed to do 18,000 battles in the space of around 2 weeks. How can this humanly be possible? He also made the account, kept it for a few weeks and then sent the pokes over and abandoned it - possibly hoping to hide his trail of botting. I suspect a bot. I hope you can investigate into this because for people who actually take their time to train, it's not fair.




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20 hours ago, !sXeJ said:
  1. How do you know "Foaming" = "Scrubs"?Maybe the pokemon was just traded/sold?
  2. Maybe he bots,maybe not.Where is the proof?Let Pat take that call.

Brother, I was just marking this as suspicious. I never said I have found a botter. I said I "think". I never jumped the gun and called him a botter out-right. I just wanted some validation that this training is legitimate and was just trying to bring this to light in case he had been botting.

23 hours ago, Ozzy_Lusth said:

If he was a botter, he would surely have been banned before, during the banwaves.

He just trains faster than everybody here and longer.

18000 battles in 2 weeks is easily possible.

It is possibly but really? 1 person training that just confused me. I just wanted to bring it out to check is it was legit or not. I only said I "may" have found a botter. Never called him a botter outright as I have no right to do that until validated.

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