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A different formula to calculate total points?

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The current formula is as follows:


t = Total Experience

a = Average Experience

u = Unique Pokémon

b = Battle Count / (Wins)

(t * a *  u * ln(b)) / 1000 

If the number of uniques is equal to the total number of pokemon (there are no dupes), this formula effectively becomes (t * t * ln(b))/1000. The number of uniques doesn't affect the total points.

My suggestion would be add a bit more weight to the uniques count instead of having total points focused totally on how much exp a trainer has.

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this change will totally favour me but take in consideration that with moar pokes is easiest to have moar total exp because of trading/leveluping to 100 and having the same poke already reduces ur points in front of the uniques so well i got lost a little bit but the case is that with the current formula indirectly is punishing whoever is having more pokes and less uniques because is easier to gain exp with that situation do u no de weh?

Cool study btw

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I get it, more uniques give you more exp as long as they aren't dupes but at the end of it if you manage to get enough exp and battles with just one pokemon, that gets you enough points/ on the leaderboard. If you do not have any dupes, the number of uniques doesn't affect the points. The current formula ensures that people don't have dupes as dupes hurt your total points. Number of uniques matter only if you have dupes.


The number of uniques under the current formula just ensures that you don't get any negative points while it doesn't exactly reward you. Even if someone completes the whole pokedex with varying exp on each pokemon, it will not matter against one really high exp pokemon with a high number of battles. For every unique pokemon that gets caught, it's actually the exp on the unique pokemon that counts instead of the pokemon itself. Agreed, it is easier to get 50k exp on a low level pokemon than getting 50k exp more on a level 100 pokemon but after a point, it is tough to find new unique pokemon as well. If the number of uniques are considered, it might promote trading or motivate people to spend time on the maps instead of just battling.

My suggestion is to take the number of uniques into consideration as well instead of relying solely on number of battles and exp. 

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