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Hi guys,

I have seen some of the auctions ending before the time which they should end...

I have lost the sight of many auctions like that...

Anyway i don't have screenshots and i guess it wont work here...

Sometimes it end before a minute or seconds..

Its really annoying........

So i expect to fix this error as soon as possible.....

Thnx :;):


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  • Developer

This has been asked about and answered multiple times on the forums. Please use the search feature for your issue/question before posting.

Anyway, again, Culboi’s response is vaguely correct - it’s not an issue with the game and actually your browser and how long you’re spending on one particular page (possibly tabbing between multiple browser tabs) when the page as a whole is loaded, the time at the top is correct (or could be off by a couple of seconds depending how slow your internet is and how long the page takes to load completely) now it is up to your computer/browser to keep the clock running smoothly, not the game.

To ensure you’re seeing the correct time more frequently, you should avoid having the same page open for long periods of time if you are using multiple tabs.

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