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Iam Karan Tyson. An indo-american. I have been playing Pokemon vortex v4 from January. I saw @PokemonFan (discord user with a profile picture of ash and pikachu) making a good offer for some legend pokes. He was offering 20mil game money for some 40-50 Pokémon (s). He promised to pay money when I offer pokes on his Pokemon in trade list. I did it. Now,he's not responding towards my messages. He blocked me on discord and has his messages turned off in game. When I said to other discord users they tell me that it's not possible to help me out. They say my method was wrong. If that's so please let me know the right method to trade Pokemon with money.

I hope I'll be helped by the authorities.

I have the proof of screenshot of our chats.

His ign:- sunil2100..


https://imgur.com/a/Cd1Ttgh(proof of screenshot)


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