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One question.

Lets tell that I want my pokemon to be as strong as its possible for him.

Should I simply replace his attacks for ones with higher power or should I know anything more about that? I mean, sure I look at accuracy too but something more?

Or simple - more power = better attack and its good to have better attack learned.

How do I know if there is attack with any effect to learn in shop? (If there are some like that)

Thanks for help

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Power is obviously the main focus of an attack as the higher the power is, the more damage it will do to the opponent but you also need to factor in what Pokémon you will be battling against, too. You don't want to walk into a battle with attacks that are all not very effective of do not hit at all because of an immunity.


To maximise damage done, you want to teach a Pokémon an attack that is the same type as the Pokémon you're putting it on so you get STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus)

For example, a good move to teach a Charizard is Blast Burn but something like Rock Tomb wouldn't do as well unless you were battling a Pokémon weak against rock.

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