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This Idea is very useful to trainers in the second to the last page,it is also useful for the first page users also...

My idea is that our profile bio should be an option in the members tab.

when i am training or i am catching pokemons to view my points or total experience or average exp....,i had to scroll down and go to whichever page i am and view my profile.

or Patrick can just do this, when we click our username on the top left,it should show our bio opened in the members tab as it was in v3,it was a lot better

hope that my Idea is liked by others and the admins just look at it.Thanks:^_^:


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Well that was good ideas. And if you really struggles at the momment I've an advise to you(while waiting Patrick to respond you) to just "right click" your profile on the top left and then click "open in new tabs". You just need to refresh the page to updated the information. (this is what I usually do)

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