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I've got a ton of spare normal legendaries that I want to get rid of and quite a few spare unique legendaries to add in to the mix. So I'm hosting a giveaway.

Special Prizes are the following:

Latias (Mega)Latios (Mega)Rotom (Heat)Rotom (Spin)Pheromosa

Drifblim(with 1mil experience)


6 Main Prize Winners:

1st: @hpyz

2nd: @MrVirus

3rd: @eurstin

4th: @unknown_citizen

5th: @-LuxirousFighter-

6th: @VITOL


To the 6 top winners, please message me in game with a list of the top prizes from most wanted to least wanted. 


For the rest of you who did not win a spot in the top 6, please message me in game (my ign is Loki) with a list of ten common legendaries from most wanted to least wanted (please do not include unique variations such as shadow, I will distribute those randomly). 

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IGN                                : WarpRogue

Favourite Food            : Burgers

Place I want to visit    : China in the real world and Asgard in the world of Fiction:D:D:D But you may consider China:)



Thanks :^_^:

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