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There is this guy that messages me called "PrinceAzman" and he sent my a website. I clicked on it finding out it was a hack to the game. I wanted to report this if it was legit. So when it needed my pass, I told them and then quickly changed it afterwards. But an hour later it says that someone is accepting all my trades even tho I didn't put anything up. And then it took me out of the game and I couldn't get back in saying that my password was wrong. He hacked my account and has taking all my stuff. When I signed up on another account and searched up my main username "nullioid" it says that player doesn't EXIST. And the player I "PrinceAzman's" account doesn't exist either. All that I know is that he was getting my pokemon with this account called "tranquit" something I can't figure out the full username. Anyway this is the link to the website it showed me.


Please help Patrick your like the only one that can help. I had lots of awesome pokemon and I would hate it if I couldn't get them back. SOMETHING PLEASE, HELP ME.


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